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Engine Tuning

What is engine tuning, why tune an engine & what engine tuning options do I have.

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Chip Tuning

So what is Chip Tuning, what types of chip tuning are there & what are the benefits of chip tuning?.

Chip Tuning : Full Details ...Full Details >>

Diesel Engine Tuning

Diesel Engine Tuning : Whats different about tuning a diesel engine, what are my options & what can I expect after a diesel engine tuning?

Diesel Tuning : More Info ...Full Details >>

TDI Tuning

Turbo Diesel Injection (TDI) tuning, what's different about tuning TDI diesel engines, what can we do & what are your options.

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ECU Remapping

Electronic engine managment systems ( ECU ) have revolutionised how engines are tuned. With custom ECU tuning / remapping as standard at Extreme see how we can transform the performance of your engine to suite your needs.

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Engine Tuning Benefits

It's not all about power and racing away from traffic lights, engines are tuned in many ways for many different reasons

  • Increase Torque
  • Improve MPG
  • Increase BHP
Engine Tuning Benefits : More Info ...

Fuel Savings

The majority of engine tuning options we offer will give a gain in MPG and thereby save you money on fuelling your veihcle .

Specific ECO Tuning options will always give you greater gains in MPG and thus save even more money

Fuel Savnings : More Info ...

Increased Engine Torque

Engine Torque is all about muscle, pulling power and towing. Increasing engine torque is important for anyone who:

  • Tows a Caravan
  • Tows a Trailer or Boat
  • Drives a Motorhome
Increased Engine Torque : More Info ...

Increase Engine Power

If its better acceleration and top speed that you are looking for then our Power ECU Remap is for you

Gains vary from car to car. You can read more about Power ECU Remapping by clicking on the button below.

Engine Power : More Info ...

DPF Removal

Most modern diesel engine vehicles are fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and like most filters they have a finite life-span. As anyone who has had to have one replaced will know, they are very expensive. We provide a cheaper DPF Removal option of removing them.

  • Save up to 70% on the replacement cost
  • Improved engine performance
  • Better MPG
DPF Removal : More Info ...

Limp Mode

Some of you will have experienced limp mode with your vehicle. This can often happen due to DPF issues.

If you are suffering a limp mode issue due to DPF related faults then we can help

Fixing Limp Mode Problems: More Info ...

DPF Regeneration

If you have seen any of these lights on your dashboard then you will know what DPF Regeneration is: A process where your ECU has put your engine into DPF Regeneration mode.

This should be a temporary situation,but when not then DPF & DPF Regeneration problems exist. See how we can help fix DPF issues for you.

DPF Regeneration : More Info ...

Benefits of DPF Removal

There are many benefits of removing the DPF filter from your vehicle.

  • Save on replacement DPF costs.
  • Increased Engine Performance.
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • No more DPF issues

For help & advice with your DPF problems call us or use our FREE Call-Back (top of page) & we'll be more than happy to help

DPF Removal Benefits : More Info ...


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