Chip Tuning

Increased Engine Torque / Engine Pulling Power

While many may think that engine tuning is all about top speed & acceleration here at Extreme ECU Remaps we know better. We know that by tuning an engine via an ECU Remap we can tune the performance of that engine in many ways other than for maximum speed & acceleration.

You may have already read our web pages on Engine Tuning for maximum MPG or Engine Tuning for maximum power. The ECU Remapping option we would like to introduce you too here is a form of engine tuning that combines performance factors of both of these other remapping options.

Our combination ECU Remap is our most popular Remap.

Improved MPG

While not giving you the increase in MPG that the Economy ECU Remap will our combination ECU Remap will give you a healthy increase in MPG figures.

Increased Engine Power

While not giving you as much extra BHP as our Power ECU Remap you still get a significant power BHP increase.

Combination ECU Remapping / Chip Tuning

In (very) simple terms a combination ECU Remap will move both torque & power ranges towards the mid RPM range. Associated fuel mixture & engine timings are also adjusted to maximise the power & torque that is available within the mid RPM ranges.

Benefits of a Combination ECU Remap / Chip Tune

With the new found power & torque (pulling power) your vehicle will tow heavier loads easier. This could be ideal if you tow a caravan, boat trailer or horse box. Even without the benefits of being able to tow heavier loads easier you will notice far more torque & power available for everyday driving, allowing you to change to a higher gear earlier and thus give an increase in MPG figures. You will also notice all of the common benefits after your ECU Remap:

  • Better Fuel Economy MPG
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Safer overtaking
  • Smoother gear changes
  • Improved overall driving experience

More Information & Questions Answered

When it comes to vehicle engines they are as different as people and as such much of the information on this web site is of a general nature.  We always recommend speaking to one of our fully trained ECU Remapping technicians about your own particular vehicle and what you would like from it in terms of performance gains.

Please use any of the numbers at the top of this page or use our Free Call-Back service (found at top right of this page) and one of our ECU remapping technicians will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the many engine tuning options available to you. You can also ask about our 30 day money back guarantee and engine warranty that is supplied with all ECU Remaps subject to vehicle condition.

12 Month Engine warranty

Subject to pre-inspection & mileage limits (80k)

30 Day Money Back Garantee

Original ECU Map restored

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